Chocolate box – MY PRECIOUS – GIRL


Today I will bring you a special gift idea. I once received a box of chocolate from a friend. The chocolate was very delicious and the box was very special. That’s why I put it that something else would be good 🙂
The moment came when I could return this gift to my friend, but I lost 2 mini albums in the box instead of chocolate 😉
On the occasion of the birth of their little daughter, I made the mini album for which they would take a photo. This is the perfect collection of MY PRECIOUS GIRL which contains gentle, pale, pastel colors. It’s really a special color paper set and all accessories that you can create a complete album when a baby is born. (There is also a small boy set 😉 )
Making: I covered all sides of the box with paper. I did not decorate it because I wanted to emphasize the pattern of paper. To the top of the box I made 1 flower made from this paper.
I have adjusted the size of the mini bundles to the size of the box, which has 8 to 8 pages, but I’ll show it in a video! 🙂



 kolekcja MY PRECIOUS GIRL – ZESTAW PAPIERÓW 30,5×30,5 cm

kolekcja MY PRECIOUS GIRL – ZESTAW PAPIERÓW 15,2×15,2 cm

MY PRECIOUS GIRL-arkusz z wyciętymi elementami – EXTRA CUT


CEKINY – 6MM – 10G – BEŻ

dwustronna taśma klejąca 9 mm

dwustronna taśma piankowa 3D – 2mm -szer.-6mm


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I hope I had a great idea of ​​how to recycle a chocolate box.

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what you used MY PRECIOUS – GIRL 🙂

Have a nice day,

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