Wyzwanie wiosenne cz.III


Nie da się ukryć, że wiosna już się u nas rozgościła na dobre! Zapraszam Was na inspiracje w klimacie słońca, ptasich treli i kwiatów!!

Oto prace naszych utalentowanych projektantek 🙂


This time I decided to make ATC cards as design team work using Spring Bustling paper collection and the set of extras to cut. When I look at these ATCs I’d like to name this set as „Forrest fairytale”, because these little bunnies look like they had their own mystery world in the woods where they live, play and do their very important bunny things.

For explanation – Artist Trading Cards is an art project initiated by Swiss artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann in 1997. ATC cards are small works of art created either in single works or in small series that can be collected and exchanged.

Here are some criteria for ATC-s:

  • The size of the card has to be 2.5 × 3.5 inches or 64 x 89 mm (according to some sources indicate a 1 millimeter fault is allowed – 6.5 × 9 cm). The size comes after baseball or poker cards.
  • If you decide to make a series of ATC-s, there should be something common in each of it.
  • The artist has signed and dated the cards (on the other side of the card is the title of the work, the name of the author, the date when it’s made, information eg – reference to the author’s website, the number of the card of the given series, etc.). It is nice if at least some of this information is handwritten.
  • ATC cards are not sold but exchanged. Although this criterion is often ignored.

Today I have brought you a layout from the beautiful SPRING BUSTLING collection and the EXTRA CUT.
I’ve edited the photo to fit the mood of the collection perfectly. The layout is very simple. The photo was centered and I pulled a few sheets behind the 6×6 collection. I put lots of leaves around my photo from my favorite leaves collection at LEAVES II.
I hid two more Balloons among the decorations 😉

Przygotowanie kwiecistej pracy z kolekcją Spring Bustling nie było trudne 🙂 Spring Bustling bowiem, to nie tylko urocze króliczki, ale również piękne hiacynty! I te właśnie znalazły się na moim notesie. Zarówno te, które znajdziecie na arkuszach dużych papierów jak i te z dodatków do wycięcia.

Zobaczcie sami 🙂


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I jak zainspirowani?

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